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UN Week – 11/23/12

January 11, 2013

This blog entry is written by members of our blogging community and expresses those experts’ views alone.

John and Douglas Carey, Editors

In this issue: US Ambassador hounded for doing her duty.

Having for months watched US Ambassador Susan E. Rice functioning as our main representative in UN Headquarters, I find it hard to believe that grown men like Senators McCain and Graham would attack her so brutally for following instructions from Washington in commenting publicly on the Benghazi killing of four Americans including our Ambassador. What on earth can their problem be?

These two, who may have never been involved personally in diplomacy, either do not know, or choose to pretend they don’t know, that persons in Rice’s position take strict orders from the Department of State on what to say on any important matter. Rice would surely not dream of making up her own explanation of why our mission in Benghazi was attacked and four of our countrymen murdered.

What possible explanation is there for the behavior of these two men in threatening to do all they can to block any appointment of Rice to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State? Do they not like to see women getting ahead, especially black women? Or do they simply fear Obama so much that they will spend the next four years obstructing every proposal and appointment that he makes?

Or could it be that they are anti-Islam to the point where they object to any suggestion that anti-Islamic actions in the US could cause rioting anywhere in the Muslim world? Whatever the explanation may be, they have not acted like statesmen, or even gentlemen.

Maybe if the two senators knew more about Susan Rice and her achievements and heritage, they might at least mind their manners better. A good place for them to start would be Rice’s address to the graduating class at Ohio State on June 10, 2012, in which she does not mention having been a Rhodes Scholar. Here is what she said:

Susan Rice

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