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UN Week – 11/21/2011

December 1, 2011

This blog entry is written by members of our blogging community and expresses those experts’ views alone.

by John and Douglas Carey 

Syria, protected by vetoes in Security Council, is scolded by Human Rights Council.

           While Russia and China block Security Council action critical of Syria with veto threats, the Human Rights Council is not so hobbled. At its 17th Special Session, held on August 22 and 23, Russia and China, along with Cuba and Ecuador, voted in vain against an anti-Syria resolution supported by 33 countries, including the US, with nine abstentions.

The resolution includes the following provisions: * * *

US positions on various issues.

          Recently, US representatives have stated positions at the UN on significant issues, including:

1)    criminal accountability of UN officials and experts on mission.

2)    transboundary aquifers, especially important in theMiddle East;

3)    freedom of expression and bias crimes;

4)    right to human rights education and training;

5)    mercenaries, private security companies and military contractors;

6)    universal criminal jurisdiction.


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