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High Schools in Queens Write About Water

May 5, 2011

On May 3, UNA Queens honored students who participated in this year’s essay contest, on Water.  Students from three high schools attended:  Aviation High School, Newcomers High School and Francis Lewis High School.  

Students could answer any of four questions:   

  • What is the relationshp between water safety, water supply and public health?
  • How does water supply affect the economic development of urban and rural areas (use examples)?
  • What can developed countries, the U.S. for example, do to help developing nations reach the MDG target, and how are they dealing with the situation?
  • What steps can individuals take to help, and how effective will these efforts be?

Aviation High School is already engaged in a project to buy water filters for people in Bangladesh.

The chapter asked the students to take time to enjoy the refreshments — and to do so with someone from a different high school.  This “meet-up” was very successful this year as in the past.

Here are videos of the event:

Essay Contest 2011 Award Reception – Part One

 Essay Contest 2011 Award Reception – Part Two

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