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UN and International Development Jobs

March 26, 2011

United Nations Association leaders are often asked about how to find and apply for  jobs with the United Nations and other international jobs.  The UNA Southern New York State Division can organize, or help chapters and other groups to organize, information sessions upon request.  The recent UNA-USA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference held at the UN on February 11, included a career session with professionals working in  international law, finance, and development.  This was organized by Meron Demisse, President of the Division’s Young Professionals for International Cooperation group, and conference co-chair.

UN agencies have their own listings, but they are also collected on an unofficial site:    On March 26, 2011, this included 1,238 jobs in 270 duty stations in 90 organizations.  The site can be searched by New Listings, Organizations, Duty Stations and Closing Soon.

Other useful sites include: – on the site of the Communication Initiative Network, which is supported by a number of prominent international, national, foundation and non-governmental partners.  The Network publishes training opportunities, events and job vacancies.  It also hosts a “knowledge section.”    One can subscribe to the Network’s e-newsletter, “The Drumbeat.”

The U.S. Department of State provides a listing of international jobs on its website:  This also includes a listing of international organizations that offer internships: 

The extensive site goes beyond international and non-governmental organizations and considers itself the largest provider of recruiting and business development services to the international community.  It includes interviews, news articles, and other features.

Let us know if you find this information useful!

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