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Highlights from the Division’s Annual Meeting

December 20, 2010

The UNA-USA Southern New York State Division held its Annual Meeting on Monday, December 13.   We are happy to announce that Michele Clarke-Ceres, the Governor’s Honorary Chair for UN Week 2010, was elected to the Board. 

Council of Organizations

Aaron Etra, Co-Chair of the UNA-USA Council of Organizations and Robert Klein, a member of its Executive Board, joined to tell the Division about the new directions the Council of Organizations is taking, and to invite the division and chapters to consider establishing COOs in their areas. 

A Manual describing how to establish an area COO is available from the Division.  Write to Division president Jeanne Betsock Stillman at to request a copy.  Here’s an excerpt from its introduction:

Organizational Manual for starting an Area Council of Organizations


“The Council of Organizations (Council, or COO) of the United Nations Association of the USA, headquartered in Washington D C., is pleased that both Chapters and Divisions have expressed interest in developing their own Area Councils of Organizations, hereafter referred to as Area COOs. To this end, the national Council Executive Committee has pulled together the following body of information on Council coalition building to provide assistance to those interested in establishing or just learning more about the work of Area COOs. In the process of developing this manual, the Executive Committee was reminded that there is no one absolute proscription for formulating an effective Area COO that will work for everyone everywhere.  Indeed, effective coalitions come in all shapes and sizes and much of the final product in establishing an Area COO will depend upon the unique differences among Chapters and Divisions from across the nation. 

At the national level, the UNA Council of Organizations is successful in providing opportunities for more than 90 NGOs to network together and strengthen their individual and collective efforts as they promote the work of the United Nations and support its vital mission in world affairs.  The establishment of an Area COO provides a similar opportunity for a coalition of local and regional NGOs to work together with a united voice to develop collaborative activities that fulfill their mutual commitments to promote awareness of and support for the United Nations.  This Organizational Manual provides the opportunity to take what has worked successfully at the national level and transition that success to the local and regional level.  At the local level, an Area COO            may include a UNA Chapter working collaboratively with a number of NGOs.  At the regional level, an Area COO may include a Division, a number of UNA Chapters and a number of NGOs working collaboratively.  Both local and regional Area COOs are encouraged to formally affiliate themselves with the Council of Organizations at the national level.”

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