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Celebrating UN Day with Governor David A. Paterson

October 31, 2010

On October 25, Ed Elmendorf and leaders of the Southern New York State Division met with Governor David A. Paterson in his Manhattan office to present him with an award for his work in New York that relates to the UN MDGs.  

A. Edward Elmendorf and Governor David A. Paterson

Ed Elmendorf spoke about how New York benefits from the UN’s presence, UNA-USA’s work to inform and educate Americans about the UN, and the importance of the UN to US foreign policy.  Jeanne Betsock Stillman, Division President, spoke about the scope of the Division (New York City plus 11 counties—home to 13 million people) and the Division’s work to organize the third Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference / Members Day at the UN, scheduled for February 2011.  The Division is working to establish new chapters in Nassau, the Bronx and the Mid-Hudson Valley.

L. to R: Marcia Brewster, Meron Demisse, Paula Rice Jackson, Margaret Shannon, David Stillman, Gabriel Levitt, Marcia Clarke-Ceres, Ed Elmendorf, Gov. David A. Paterson, Jeanne Betsock Stillman

Participating were chapter presidents Marcia Brewster (Westchester); Paula Rice Jackson, (New York City (Manhattan)); Gabriel Levitt (Brooklyn); Margaret Shannon, (Queens), Meron Demisse, Chair, Young Professionals for International Cooperation, Southern NYS Division and David Stillman, (Division board member (photographer)). 

The Governor spoke especially about the importance of working to reduce reliance on oil and his “45 by 15” New York State Plan to have 45 percent of the State’s electricity needs met with clean energy by 2015.  Meron Demisse, YPIC chair, presented to him a beautiful silver globe with an inscription.  The Division also awarded an introductory UNA-USA membership to Michele Clarke-Ceres, the Governor’s Honorary Chair for UN Week.  For several months Clarke-Ceres worked with the Division on UN Week events, gave a TV interview and made presentations to chapters.

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