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United Nations Week – 7/5/2010

July 6, 2010

by John and Douglas Carey –

Outline for this issue:

 1)    International Court of Justice

         a)     Justice Thomas Buergenthal’s resignation

                  i)       see his autobiographical video “A Lucky Child”

                 ii) survival of Auschwitz at age 10, separated from parents

               iii) my acquaintance with him as ASIL President, I having been VP

               iv) election to be held 9/9/10 in GA and SC to fill the vacancy

        b)      Xue Hanqin elected June 29 to succeed Shi Jiuyong, who resigned in June

        c)      Australia sues Japan alleging violation of Whaling Convention.

 2)      International  Criminal Court

         a)      suspects in killing of Darfur peacekeepers appeared before ICC

         b)      Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo says no impunity for Georgia crimes

 3)      Judge  to help decide who to de-list from Al-Qaida/Taliban sanctions committee

 4)      UN’s operation in Congo revised on 50th anniversary of Congo independence.

          a)      legacy of sexual violence: 17% increase in civilian rape 2004-2008.

 5) Death of Cuban diplomat Miguel Alfonso Martinez, a long-time adversary

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