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Chapter President’s Bi-Weekly Update 6/27/2010: UNA Brooklyn Advocacy Positions

July 6, 2010

By Gabriel Levitt, Brooklyn Chapter President, from

Dear UNA Brooklyn Members and Other Interested Parties –

I’ve mentioned in past posts that we are working on drafting UNA Brooklyn Chapter policy positions that will be the foundation for our Chapter advocacy efforts for October 24th, UN Day. To come to these positions, the Board and membership had the opportunity to review a rather extensive list of possible positions and topics to choose from. The Board was invited to attend a meeting on May 11th to discuss and vote on what we will advocate for to our congressional representatives here in Brooklyn.  Below is the result of that vote. 

UNA Brooklyn Chapter Advocacy Positions  – subject to further refinement:
1.    Urge congressional representative to join the American Engagement Caucus.
2.    Urge congressional representative to appropriate full funding for the UN regular and peacekeeping budgets; and create the necessary administrative funding procedures to not fall behind on future payments.
3.    Urge congressional representative to support US actions that will lead to joining the International Criminal Court and to repeal the American Service Members’ Protection Act of 2002.
4.    Urge congressional representative to support UN actions to tackle the emergency that is climate change.
5.    Urge congressional representative to voice support for international treaties that the US has yet to sign and/or ratify:
a.    Rights of Women (CEDAW).
b.    Rights of the Child
c.    Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
d.    Cluster Munitions Convention
e.    Mine Ban Treaty

As stated above, this is not the final draft. Please feel free to comment and even criticize. For example, I believe that we should add some position on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the final draft.

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